Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outreaches this past weekend - 18

Friday night we were street preaching and as people were driving past, one of them shouted out that he was the devil, and kept going.  This is kind of the way the devil works - he is the original terrorist.  Another guy hands one of our guys $40 and tells him to take everyone out for something to eat!  Praise God!  (The money is being used to reach more souls, hallelujah).  Anyway, no one prayed the sinner's prayer then, however, we had an outreach for a revival which is going on this week.  Several teams came in to help us out, and 12 people got saved on the outreach, and 6 more at the Saturday night music scene!  Hallelujah!

Can you believe this picture was created with a typewriter????????

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