Sunday, February 27, 2011

Leviticus 27:1-34; Numbers 1:1-54 (New King James Version)

Redeeming Persons and Property Dedicated to God
The First Census of Israel

Numbers 2-3:51 (New King James Version)

The Tribes and Leaders by Armies

Look at this!  Millions of people!

The Sons of Aaron
The Levites Serve in the Tabernacle
The tribe of Levi is chosen to attend to the needs of the tabernacle and all the people's needs according to the tabernacle.

Census of the Levites Commanded
Levites Dedicated Instead of the Firstborn

Friday, February 25, 2011

You don't own anything permanently! It ALL belongs to God.

Leviticus 20-22:33 (New King James Version)

Penalties for breaking the law, Regulations for the conduct of priests, Offerings accepted and not accepted.

Leviticus 23-25:23 (New King James Version)

Feasts of the Lord, care of tabernacle, penalty for blasphemy, Year of Jubilee, provisions for the Seventh year (they didn't plant, the soil rested), Redemption of Property - look at this! 23 ‘The land shall not be sold permanently, for the land is Mine; for you are strangers and sojourners with Me.  WOW! 

Leviticus 25:24-26:46 (New King James Version)

Promise of Blessing and Retribution.  Once again God tells the people of Israel that a few people will drive out many because He wants them to depend on Him and be blessed.  But, they do have to go out and fight the battle, to be used by Him.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sanctity of Blood, Laws of Sexual Morality

Leviticus 17-19:37 (New King James Version)

The Sanctity of Blood, and Laws of Sexual Morality, these Words speak volumes of those who read for understanding.

I had a four-point landing on the sidewalk last night and didn't even break my coffee cup!  Whoa!  We have all those loose rocks running around to jump under people's feet when they aren't paying attention to what they are doing.  I was on my way into the compound (complex) with a cup of water and all of a sudden my actions were not of my doing.  It was kinda funny.  Anyway, my knees are talking to me a little bit this morning.  They will probably be black and blue for a few days.  My guardian angel kept me from looking like I had been in a dogfight though.  The gate that was alongside to my right could have had my face imprinted on it, however, just my shoulder brushed against it.  Thank God I wasn't wearing shorts! 

Today I am going to visit my friends where I worked before we left for Oregon.  Hopefully there will be some brownies left when I get there.  Rumor has it that there will be some TODAY!  I miss those folks.  I had been working with some of them since 1998, through and including three owners.  They are pretty cool folks.

Yesterday I walked to church and prayed and cleaned out the refrigerator.  Saw a can of Diet Coke with an expiration date of 12/09!  I popped the top and emptied it out - not much fizz in that thing.  Anyway, the shelves had many remnants of bygone fellowships.  I hadn't cleaned it since maybe June so, it will look nice for awhile. 

The new carpet in the sanctuary was almost done when I left.  It looks nice.  It is amazing to watch people installing things to see how it is done.  God sure inspires us with some different talents, can ya say amen!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Leprous cleansings, and Scapegoat

Leviticus 14:33-16:34 (New King James Version)

  Cleansing a leprous house - this is what comes up on Google images - labeled black mold.  We all know how difficult that is to get rid of!  Read this, maybe it will help.  Probably not the animal sacrifice though, Jesus paid that at the cross.

Bodily discharge cleansing

  Day of atonement.  Two goats offered - lot is drawn - one for a sin offering (through blood) and one for scapegoat (live offering) - to be let go alive to wander in the wilderness (desert). 

Oh, the Blood of Jesus!  Thank you for friends and family of Christ.  The carpet is in - finishing up today and possibly tomorrow, and then we will be back in the sanctuary!  Hallelujah!!!!!!  It is very nice to have clean, new carpeting.  Mark Looney, an evangelist out of the Las Vegas NV church, delivered and installed it, along with another brother from their church, and then he preached yesterday's services.  They were powerful sermons, of course, what we needed to hear.  God created us, loves us, helps us, and, we need to love Him, help Him through His inspiration of what we need to do, do His will for our lives, hallelujah.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cleansing - childbirth / leprosy. Worked yesterday, and it rained!

Leviticus 12-14:32 (New King James Version)

Childbirth ritual - cleansing and purification after male and female births.

Leprosy - Priest and patient roles during examination, diagnosis, healing of body and clothing.

My current position - data entry had work for the weekend.  I worked yesterday.  Sunday is the Lord's Day if at all possible.  Anyway, I coded 847 documents in 8 hrs.  They went fasssssssssst, hallelujah.  I wasn't feeling very well either, and God helped me through the day.  I was going to work longer than 8 hours, but after I code that many documents, my hands start whining and complaining, so I just called Scott to come pick me up.  The company average that they like us to maintain is 480, so I was way above, hallelujah.  I love it when the documents are easy to code.  The typing test I took yesterday was so fun - the company wanted between 35-40 wpm and I was going slow and did 64 wpm with 100% accuracy!  The data entry job sure helped my accuracy go up. 

It was raining yesterday too.  That is a big deal here, because there are 300 days of sunshine, so when there are clouds, everyone gets excited.  The rain gathers in the edges of the road because there are no storm drains and the water has nowhere to go until it drains off somewhere. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nadab and Abihu get cindered.

Leviticus 9-11:47 (New King James Version)

Another job interview yesterday. The lady said the job was boring because there wasn't much multi-tasking to do.  Actually having something to do is not boring to me.  I like opening mail!  It's kinda like Christmas, huh, opening lots of cards.  Oh, well, we'll see what God has in store.  Had another email from my background check asking for additional information.  Looks like God is in the works on that one because I certainly have no answers for what is happening.  God is so totally awesome.  He has opened another day of work, just to keep money coming in.  How great is our God.  He has also opened up another job for Scott to interview.

 Nadab and Abihu, 2 of Aaron's sons, offer profane fire on the altar.  This was not according to God and He cindered them.  He ordered Aaron and his other 2 sons to not grieve their loss lest He do the same to them. 

It is amazing that we never change.  God calls us and blesses us and we turn right around and offer unclean fire on His altar.  Lord Jesus, help me, that I never do that, that righteousness prevails in my life, that my testimony and actions are sanctified to You and none other.

Friday, February 18, 2011

More Laws of Offerings - more grace on our lives

Leviticus 7-8:36 (New King James Version)

Scott is helping another precious soul to get into the Dream Center.  Pray for the Dream Center, as they press on to help those desperate souls to develop a personal relationship with Christ and that their outreaches to storm the gates of hell to populate heaven would bear fruit.  Also pray for our street preaching and weekend outreaches for our Surprise church grand opening - that God's Word would go forth and precious souls would respond to the invitation of Jesus Christ to come to Him, accept Him as their Personal Savior.

Moses prepares Aaron and his sons for anointing, and all that goes with it.

Yesterday, Auto Auction drivers! - Offerings and Laws of Offerings

Well, this little side job was a lot more fun than playing Where's Waldo in the highways and byways of North Phoenix!  We got to drive vehicles of every type and met some other folks, and got to see the other side of auto dealerships.  Pretty fun.  Whole new learning curve.  We have been invited back next Thursday.  I have an interview today for a document scan/prep position, Scott has a second interview for a maintenance supervisor position, and the DOJ position is still asking for more information, and my current job wants to know if I can work ALL weekend (NOT, Saturday only).  God is keeping us in beans and rice and gas (yes, THAT kind of gas!), can ya say AMEN!  I got a couple folks that had me do their taxes. And, all that was just this week!

Leviticus 4-6:30 (New King James Version)

The Sin Offering - unintentional sin, tells what type of animal to sacrifice, depending on who has done the sin, it is always about blood, because blood means life, and when we sin we die, and are redeemed by blood.  This is how it is done until the New Testament, where Jesus became the blood sacrifice for all of us and our sins.  Then it is a free gift, but we must choose to turn away from our sin to follow Jesus.

The Trespass Offering - If you hear an oath and do not tell it, if you touch anything dead, if you speak thoughtlessly to do evil - if you don't mean it, there is a blood offering for this.

Offerings with Restitution - If there has been any damage with these unintentional trespasses, they can be forgiven with offerings to replace what was taken.

Laws of Burnt, Sin, and Grain Offerings

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love the Lord your God with all your mind, heart, soul, and strength

Numbers 8-9:14; Leviticus 1-3:17 (New King James Version)

Hallelujah, yesterday was an awesome day.  Cruz and I went to see Della in the hospital.  This precious sister needs a miracle, so keep her and her family lifted up in prayer.  She gave us some of the conference videos from January, hallelujah!!!  Then Cruz treated me to lunch at Lenny's - raspberry milkshakes are the BEST!!!!!!!!!  Anyway, it was a great way to spend lunch, discussing serving the Lord, seeking the Lord, how to help others seek the Lord.

Arrangement of the Lamps
God tells Moses how to arrange the seven lamps to give the most light to the lampstand.   The lampstand was made out of hammered gold.  I had never seen the difference before. 

Cleansing and Dedication of the Levites
The tribe of Levi belongs to God instead of the firstborn of every family.  They do the work of the tabernacle from the age of 25 to 50.

The Second Passover
The Israelites keep the second passover and those that cannot keep it because of handling a corpse, or being away, or whatever are given the rules on how to do it, and if they don't, they will be cut off.  Non-Israelites are given the same conditions.

Burnt Offering, Grain Offering, Peace Offering rules

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yesterday, 2/14/11, Edible Arrangement deliveries, Tabernacle is complete

Numbers 7:1-89 (New King James Version)

Every time I do something different, I get a new respect and compassion for those who do it all the time.  We delivered Edible Arrangements for 7.25 hours yesterday!  It was kind of neat because since the arrangements can't be out of refrigeration for very long, we would get around 6 deliveries at one time.  Then it was off to play "Where's Waldo" according to whatever mapping service they were using, I forgot which one it was, but it wasn't my "user-friendly Google"!  Anyway, for the most part, the trips were planned out very well and it was a lot of fun - we are still talking to each other and everything, and we only drove 75 miles.  There was one address that I just couldn't get the scope on and, can you say amen, God gives revelation when we are most desperate!  The owner thought we did such a good job he wants us back for other holiday deliveries!  That was a good testimony, huh.  I am almost sure there is some paint somewhere that needs to be watched drying at those times.  Then on the way home, I had a phone interview with a company that is about 7 blocks from where we live and it sounds really busy, which makes the day go soooo fast!  I'm excited.  I don't know where God wants me, but I'll go wherever it takes me.  Scott is on the same path as well.  When we got home, I took a nap, zoned totally out for about 3 hours, hahaha.  Stayed up for about an hour and then out again for the rest of the night. 

Ok, so, what's going on in today's Bible reading of the Most High Living God!

The tabernacle is complete and Moses anoints it and all that is in it. Then the twelve tribes present offerings, and as that is completed, 89 Now when Moses went into the tabernacle of meeting to speak with Him, he heard the voice of One speaking to him from above the mercy seat that was on the ark of the Testimony, from between the two cherubim; thus He spoke to him. 

Thank God He speaks to us from the mercy seat! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Cloud of the Glory of God fills the new tabernacle

Exodus 37-39:31 (New King James Version)

God gives Bezalel details on how to build by His design.  He also gives him details on how the priestly garments should be made.  These are very intricate.  God's design for our lives is just as intricate if we would only listen to them.  He orchestrates things in our lives to help us with our decisions.

I was speaking to a lady in church yesterday morning.  She had a home, got a modification to reduce her mortgage.  The bank sold the mortgage to another bank who immediately foreclosed on the property, and they had to move very quickly.  Her sister also lived in the home.  Both of them received their vacation time "just as" the time to move was upon them, so they had the time to pack and move.  Fortunately, they were able to move in with their parents until they can recover from this.  She then consulted with a lawyer to find out if there was any recourse.  He said that the way this had happened has released a huge financial burden from her!  Is that God or what!  Can you say amen!  She is confident that God is orchestrating circumstances and she and her sister will be able to move somewhere "in His time".  God is soooooo good. 

Exodus 39:32-40:38; Numbers 9:15-23 (New King James Version)

The tabernacle is completed, God's glory rests on it, a cloud by day and a fire by night.  When it is on the tent, no one can enter.  When it rises, they take it apart and move on.


Can you imagine 3 million people????

Saturday, February 12, 2011

the tabernacle

Exodus 35-36:38 (New King James Version)

The Sabbath is to be set apart as a holy day, six days people work, the Sabbath they rest unto the Lord.

God gives inspiration to Bezalel and Aholiab and others wisdom to build the tabernacle, and the Israelites are asked to give offerings of the items needed for the building of the tabernacle.

Every detail and measurement is described of how it is to be built.

Oh ohhh, Moses is delaying from coming down the mountain

Exodus 32-34:35 (New King James Version)

Here we go!  Moses is up the mountain and the people don't know when "that man" is coming back, so they ask Aaron to make an idol.  He doesn't even hesitate!  What's that all about!  He has seen the miracles and plagues - WHAT!

"Go get me all your gold jewelry and all that stuff."  This was Aaron's trade.  Isn't it amazing that Satan always slams us with our familiar past - just one more won't hurt.  Yah, right.

So, after the idol was formed, the people declared its power and worshipped, ate, and "rose up to play."

God told Moses what was going on and He wanted to "smoke them" for rebelling, but Moses interceded and God relented.

The tablet of commandments are broken.

Later on, Moses is told by God to bring a tablet like the one he had broken so He could write on them once again.

Moses communes with God and his face shines so brightly that he has to wear a veil.

Oh, that we would seek to commune with God, in repentance and brokenness.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

God moved! and Aaron and his sons consecrated

Exodus 29-31:18 (New King James Version)

Personal testimony - yesterday, 2/9/11, God totally moved!  Our vehicle was going to be paid off on 3/1/11.  According to the contract, it was to be paid off on 4/1/11.  Yesterday, we were sitting - getting ready for lunch, and the car lot where we purchased the vehicle called to say we could come get the title!  Hallelujah, we were forgiven 2 payments!  God is soooooo awesome.  Thank you, Father God for your grace and mercy on us sinners saved by grace.

Aaron and His Sons Consecrated
As God is describing the intricate garments that Aaron and his sons will wear, He is also describing the process of blood sacrifice for sin.  The animals are brought and Aaron and his sons put their hands on the animal while they are being killed so they know what struggle is caused to die of/from sin.

He also describes the parts of the animal is to be used and how during the process.

Daily offerings for a sweet smelling aroma in the tabernacle

Altar of Incense

The ransom money - every year those 20 and above gave this offering.

The bronze laver

Holy Anointing Oil
The Incense
God gives ingredients for these and tells when and how to use them.

Artisans for Building the Tabernacle
And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, 4 to design artistic works, to work in gold, in silver, in bronze, 5 in cutting jewels for setting, in carving wood, and to work in all manner of workmanship. 

Until this time, there had never been a structure of this type and God gives inspiration to Bezalel to do this.  I am so astounded at how God does things.  He sees a need and just makes it happen.  He sees a desire and just makes it happen.

The thing that astounds me is that He desires our relationship with HIM!  He inhabits eternity and He wants a relationship with you and me!


God wants to dwell among His people

Exodus 25-28:43 New King James Version

God took offerings for the tabernacle

God gives very detailed description for the Ark of Testimony and Mercy Seat.

Table for Showbread

The gold lampstand




Everything is detailed!  Curtain clasps!  God has His way of doing things, His work is perfect.

Altar of burnt offering

The lampstand shall burn continually.

Aaron's garment

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moral Principles and Moses goes up the mountain

Exodus 22:16-24:18

Here is where God tells how there will be an Angel with them, and how he will drive the foreign people out as they progress.

He won't do it all at once, because the land will lay waste before they get to it.  He tells the Israelites not to make any agreements with the people or worship their gods.

Then he calls Moses up the mountain.

Ya get that?????????? He told them what He was going to do and how He was going to do it!

The Ten Commandments

Exodus 20-22:15

The ten commandments are given to the people.  They are afraid of God's presence and will not go near the base of the mountain as He wanted them to come.  God gives them more laws and responsibility for property.

Bread from heaven

Exodus 16-19:25

  This is someone's concept of manna.  Wow, I thought it already came as something looking like a flour tortilla! 

They set off and haven't learned anything about God through the deliverance from Pharoah.  Two weeks into the trip, they are complaining to Aaron and Moses that they have been brought into the wilderness to die, how they had pots of boiling meat in Egypt and now there is nothing.  (Our remembrance of sin is always waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the bondage it actually was.)

Anyway, the LORD heard their complaints of no meat so he told them he would send quails at night and bread in the morning.

The manna was the bread.  They were told to gather what they needed with none left over.  Of course, they didn't believe Moses so they gathered more.  It got worms and stunk. 

It looks like coriander seed and tastes like honey.

Water from the Rock
The people have no water, "why did you bring us out of Egypt, to kill us?"  God tells Moses to take the rod of God and strike the rock.  Water flows.

Victory over the Amalekites
They fought the Amalekites and Aaron and Hur were with Moses watching the battle.  While Moses lifted his hands, they were winning.  When he lowered his hands, the Amalekites would win.  His arms got tired, so Aaron and Hur helpel him hold up his hands until they won.

14 Then the LORD said to Moses, “Write this for a memorial in the book and recount it in the hearing of Joshua, that I will utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven.” 15 And Moses built an altar and called its name, The-LORD-Is-My-Banner;[d] 16 for he said, “Because the LORD has sworn: the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.”

Jethro comes to visit Moses.  He brings Zipporah and the kids.  He sees what God has done to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and rejoices.  He watches Moses sit in judgment and asks why it is just him doing it.  He helps Moses appoint many others to do the same so Moses only has to do the hard cases.

Israel at Mount Sinai.  God tells Moses to have the people sanctify themselves and come to the base of the mountain to see His presence.  But they cannot go up into the mountain lest they die.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Firstborn of everything to be consecrated to God

Exodus 13-15:27
Oh, that we would let God be our guide as we are having an Exodus here on earth.  He wants to give us victory over the nations and trials that we face, that through these He would get the glory.  As we race to the end of the age, how will people know unless we tell them. 

What if.....Lord Jesus, I lift up Della Wolfe to you, this precious sister who is very sick with leukemia.  I went to see her yesterday.  As I came in, another couple came in behind me, so I stayed for just a few moments, but our eyes met as I was leaving.  She is such a precious soul and I think of how I would feel if I were in her shoes.  I cry because I have no money.  My position is not life threatening.  She cries because she is losing her life.  Her family is going through an earthly separation.  It is hard to deal with that.  She had to move to Phoenix so she could be closer to the hospital and doctors.  She lives now with her young daughter who works at the airport.  Lord Jesus, I lift up that entire family, for Your grace to be upon them, that the many people who have been touched by this precious soul would come to Your saving grace.  I pray for her husband who does not know You as his Personal Savior.  Lord Jesus, without You, there is no hope.

I know You are orchestrating circumstances in our lives, because that is what You do.  You came that we might live.  You came to be the Blood Sacrifice.  Your love, is so great that through repentance of our sin, and admittance of You as the Son of God, and seeking to follow Your ways instead of our ways, allows us to spend eternity in Paradise. 

Lord, I lift up those precious souls in our church and church families that have chosen the wide path of destruction, that they would choose to once again get on the narrow path that leads to life everlasting.  I thank you for orchestrating situations in my life that would bring me to You, even though I didn't believe in You.  You were always there, convicting me.  I didn't even know what that was. Thank You so very much! 

I see people being ripped off, some choose to serve You anyway because You are their only Hope.  Some people choose to go back to their sin and continue to be ripped off.  I thank You for Your Word.  It brings life into my heart and life.  I don't know how tomorrow is going to come out, but I know You do because You inhabit eternity.  I seek to touch Your face and be in Your presence.  I thank You for working in Scott's life.  He has chosen to serve you and to help others.  Through You he is being a port in the storm for those precious souls his life has touched. 

God set that the firstborn's dedication to Him should be done in remembrance of deliverance from Egypt.  God led them toward the Red Sea instead of by land in case they changed their minds and wanted to go back to Egypt. 

Moses took Joseph's bones with him.  Joseph said he didn't want them to remain in Egypt.  Pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night. 

The LORD once again hardens Pharoah's heart and they make ready to bring the Israelites back, because who are they going to have as slaves???????

Too powerful for words.  Moses is told to stretch out his rod to divide the Red Sea.  The people go over on dry land, protected by a cloud from God.  Pharoah is in hot pursuit on chariots - God looks down and sees that and makes the chariots so they have no wheels!  Then after the people are across, Moses once again lifts the rod of God and the water is restored as before and the army is no more!  And the LORD is to be acknowledged and remembered as the mighty Deliverer!  Hallelujah!

  Keep in mind there were about 3 million people!

  Pharoah's army as they tried to pursue the Israelites, the Red Sea closing in on them.  They are too far in to swim back to safety.  Oh, that we would never be in that position. 

So, the people are safe, and they sing a Song of Moses about God's deliverance.

They they go 3 days into the wilderness and find bitter water and they start complaining to Moses who cries out go God.  God says to cut down a tree and that makes the water sweet. "There He made a statute and an ordinance for them, and there He tested them, 26 and said, “If you diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the LORD who heals you.”

Then they traveled to Elim where there were twelve wells and seventy palm trees, and they stayed there.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Let the Plagues Begin!

Elvis sang, "a hard headed woman, a soft hearted man, been the cause of trouble ever since the world began."  Welllllllll, Pharoah, was a different case, he was a hard hearted man, and had many issues before he finally told the children of Israel to GET OUT!

Exodus 7:14-9:35

The First Plague: Waters Become Blood -
Pharoah says no, God tells Moses to tell Aaron to strike the river and everything becomes blood, fish rise dead to the surface, they cannot drink the water.

Pharoah's magicians did the same thing, his heart is hardened and he turns away. 

The people dig in the ground for fresh water. 

God leaves it like that for seven days.

The Second Plague: Frogs
Pharoan won't let them go again, so now there are frogs everywhere, ewwwwwww.  Can you imagine waking up to a frog coming out of your oven???

Pharoah's magicians did the same thing.

Pharoah asked that the frogs be taken away, Moses and Aaron said they would intercede and asked when.  Pharoah says "tomorrow."  How come tomorrow?  Why not now????

Anyway, Pharoah said he would let the people go when the frogs had disappeared. 

The frogs left, and when Pharoah saw they were gone, he changed his mind.  Isn't that like what we do?  We cry out to God when problems come up, then when God helps us, we go, ok, thanks  God, see ya.

Lord Jesus, help me to never have a hard heart toward God!

The Third Plague: Lice
Moses and Aaron strike the ground with the rod, and lice are everywhere, on man and beast.

The magicians cannot recreate this one and tell Pharoah that it is the finger of God.  He hardens his heart.

The Fourth Plague: Flies
Ahhh, the swarms of the flies!  They come on the Egyptians, but not the Israelites because God has set His people apart from this judgment.

Pharoah says they can go sacrifice to God if they will remove the flies.

The flies go, so does his promise to them.

The Fifth Plague: Livestock Diseased
All the livestock of Egypt died, none of the Israelites' died.  Pharoah still hardened his heart.

The Sixth Plague: Boils
God tells Moses and Aaron to take ashes in the presence of Pharoah and let them spread in the wind and boils will be upon the Egyptians and their animals.  The magicians cannot recreate this and go away from their presence.  The Israelites are safe.

The LORD hardens Pharoah's heart.

The Seventh Plague: Hail
God told Moses and Aaron to tell Pharoah he was sending hail and to get all the people and animals inside because everything that was outside would be killed.  Some did, some didn't.  Those that didn't died in the hail storm, crops too.

Pharoah once again says he will let the people go, the hail stops, so does Pharoah's promise.

Exodus 10-12:51

The Eighth Plague: Locusts
Moses and Aaron tell Pharoah that God will send locusts, Pharoah's servants are getting a little tired of all the plagues, and ask how long will they be a "snare to us?"  hahahaah, you just wait, God is very patient at allowing things to happen to you if you don't serve Him.

So the locusts come, Pharoah says they can go, the locusts stop, the LORD hardens Pharoah's heart, they cannot go.

The Ninth Plague: Darkness
Darkness for three days and nights, but the Israelites have light in their homes!

Pharoah says they can go, but their flocks and herds must stay.  The children can go.  Moses says no, everything must go.

The LORD hardens Pharoah's heart and he says the Israelites cannot to, Moses is never to darken his door again or he will kill him.  Moses says that he will never come to him again and leaves.

Death of the Firstborn Announced
God tells Moses what he is going to do, and how Pharoah will let them go, but his heart will be hardened, and nothing He has done will bring a blessing to Egypt because of their unbelief, how sad.  Anyway, the last plague will be the death of the firstborn - of everything human and animal, including Pharoah's son and there will be a great cry among the nation.  Pharoah will tell them to get out.

The Passover Instituted
During the last plague, the Israelites are to put blood on their doorposts and over their doors for protection, the Blood covenant.

The Tenth Plague: Death of the Firstborn
The announced death of all firstborns happens and Pharoah kicks the Israelites out of Egypt.

Off they go!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt at it again

I try to ignore world situations, maybe because the world is too big for me to "get the picture."  However, little by little God is helping me understand that I need to see the picture because it's not in my eensy teensy world of self and family that really matters.  It is very important to understand that Israel is God's chosen people and nation.  It is there that the picture has always been and where it will always be. 

Yes, God created me, according to Psalm 139.  He gave me a free will to choose whether or not I would believe in Him, choose to serve Him, choose to do His will for my life, choose to evangelize others to make their choices to do the same.

Now, Egypt, the latest of a long line of nations that is lining up in the ever enlarging circle of nations bent on destroying Israel.  Hmmm.  I would say they better watch out for the Provident Hand of God, Creator of the Universe!  

We are sooooooooo close to the Rapture.  I have always enjoyed listening to Hal Lindsey's "take" on Bible prophecy.  I have read a couple of his books, and they have helped me understand how historical events as well as current events line up with Bible prophecies, and how the next prophecy to occur is the rapture.  Okay, the rapture is not mentioned in the Bible, so, we'll use "caught away" " two men in a field, one is gone, the other still working" "two sleeping in a bed, one gone, the other still sleeping" "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye" "caught up to meet Him in the air".   Maranatha (come quickly, Lord Jesus!) 

Have you ever played solitare?  Skill can help, but if the cards aren't stacked right, there is no way the game can be won unless you cheat.  How do you feel when you cheat?  I feel like there is no point in playing if I'm going to win by cheating.  That's like reading the end of the book first.  What's the point of reading the book if you know the end?  Wellllllllll, reading the last book of the Bible is totally awesome, and it is good to know what's coming because it is verrrrrrry encouraging, hallelujah, but, the reason God saves us is He wants to use us to spread the Word so others will be saved. Ohhhhhh.

Anyway, you see how the weather is getting worse, more earthquakes, monster storms, animals mysteriously dying and floating or falling, isn't it odd.  You'd think Someone is doing all that on purpose.  Ya think????????  These are signs of the times and God is doing these things so people will cry out to Him instead of to the almighty hand of FEMA.  This stuff is going on worldwide, not just here.  There's a monster cyclone heading for Australia right now where they are evacuating thousands upon thousands ahead of this storm.  Nations are rising up against nations, drugs and guns are being smuggled all over the place, the heart above all is deceitfully wicked, and if you give yourself over to the things of this world, the prince of the power of the air will destroy you.  God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit are here, there, everywhere.  They are knocking on the door of your heart, asking to come in, to give you the eternal peace, hope, love that They have for you.  They are there to help you through all these things that are going on, so that they will not affect you.

Exodus 4:18-7:13

Moses asks Jethro, his father-in-law, to allow him to return to Egypt because God told Moses that those seeking to kill him are now dead. 

WOW, Zipporah had not allowed their sons to be circumcised according to God's custom and so God was going to kill Moses on the way to Egypt.  Even though Moses was going to be the instrument to deliver Israel, it would not have happened because of something in his house was not right. WOW.  Anyway, "somehow" she got the revelation that she needed to submit to God's ways or she was going to lose her husband.  So she circumcised the boys and Moses lives, WOW.

God tells Moses to take the Rod of God with him and he tells him that Pharoah's heart will be hardened and he will lose his first born son.  Then God tells Aaron to go meet Moses.

The people had heard about God, but not about LORD.  "And God spoke to Moses and said to him: “I am the LORD. 3 I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as God Almighty, but by My name LORD" Ex 6:2-3 - Hebrew meaning of Jehovah or YHWH.

So, Moses and Aaron go to Pharoah and ask him to let them go.  Pharoah makes more bondage on the Israelites.

Moses and Aaron speak to Pharoah, they turn the Rod of God into a snake, and Pharoah's magicians turn their rods into snakes, and Aaron's Rod of God eats their snakes!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moses, birth, burning bush experience

Exodus 1-2:25; 1 Chronicles 6:1-3; Exodus 3-4:17

Israelites in Egypt.  There is a new king that does not know what Joseph did to help them.  Obviously no one else was around to enlighten him either! 

The Israelites were doing good with God's blessing and the Egyptians were getting worried at their strength, so they made them slaves and tried to stop the blessing.  Isn't that just Satan's strategy! 

They wanted Israelite midwives to kill boy babies and let girl babies live.  The midwives believed in God and would not do that, so God blessed them and gave them homes to live in.  When the Egyptians asked why the boy babies were not killed as they were coming out of the womb, the midwives would say that they were already born by the time they got to the house to help deliver them.

Moses is born

Sooo, they then wanted boy babies to be cast into the river!  Moses is born during this time and his mother keeps him hidden until he is 3 months old.  She then builds him a little ark and puts him in the river.  Pharoah's daughter finds him, rescues him.  Moses' sister says she will find an Israelite woman to nurse him for her.  Pharoah's daughter tells her to take the baby, and bring him back when he is weaned.  So, Moses and his mother are re-united for a time! 

  I couldn't find an image for when his sister was speaking to Pharoah's daughter about finding an Israelite woman to nurse him (Moses' mother)

Moses flees to Midian

Moses grows up and one day he sees an Egyptian beating an Israelite and he kills the Egyptian and hides the body, to defend the Israelite.  He thinks no one sees him.  So the next day he goes out and sees two Israelite men fighting and asks why they are fighting each other, and is he going to kill them like he killed the Egyptian.  Moses is discovered, and he flees because he doesn't want to be punished for murder.  Pharoah finds out and seeks to kill him. 

Moses goes to the back side of the desert (well, don't we get to go there a time or two!) 

He helps Zipporah to water her flock, and her father gives her to him as a wife.

He stays on the backside of the desert.  The king of Egypt dies that is seeking him, and the new king puts more bondage on the Israelites and they start crying out to God.

Burning Bush

So, Moses is out tending the sheep and he sees a burning bush that is not consumed.  God speaks to him - do not come near, take your sandals off, this is holy ground.

He wants Moses to deliver the Israelites from Egypt.  Every excuse in the book!  We all need to listen to God and quit giving him excuses to tell people about God and how He can deliver them from sin.