Sunday, July 11, 2010

Announcements from July Conference


Chennai, India: David & Linda Ehlers Out of: Prescott/Beechboro
Cuenca, Ecuador: Mark & Annabel Benavidez Out of: Prescott, AZ
Concepcion, Chile: Jasper & Valarie Abeyta Out of: Prescott, AZ
Kenniwick, WA: Mike & Tabitha Maldonado Out of: Prescott, AZ
Lawton, OK: Tom & Betty Quinlan Out of: Prescott, AZ
Mexicali, BC Mexico: Antonio & Jacquelyn Castillo Out of: Algodones, Mexico
Fallbrook, CA: Erich & Monica Zeledon Out of: Oceanside, CA
Union City, CA: Robert & Courtney Olivas Out of: San Jose, CA/Casteel
Los Alamos, NM: Paul & Patricia Jaramillo Out of: EspaƱola, NM
St. Cloud, MN: Tom & Chrissy Kenyon Out of: Glendale, AZ/Rens
Del Rio, TX: Gabriel & Theresa Cedillo Out of: Austin, TX/Wakefield
Nashville, TN: Mike & Dianna Ayon Out of: 1st Phoenix/Marsh
Ft. Myers, FL: Ryan & Jackie Cormier Out of: Norfolk, VA
Hickory, NC: Matt & Ashley Menster Out of: Jacksonville, NC
Chuck & Arlene Hanson Out of: Prescott, AZ
Bob & Jana Burrus Out of: Tempe, AZ
Ralph & Vickie Blanco Out of: Prescott, AZ
Chris & Angie Oropeza Out of: Tempe, AZ
Larry & Debbie Elliott Out of: Prescott, AZ
Leonard & Carmen Gastelum Out of: Tucson, AZ/Warner
Jim & Julie Gregory Out of: Chicopee, MA
Rick & Abbey Mace Out of: Yuma, AZ
1. Indio, CA (to assist): Mario & Margie Salazar From: El Centro, CA
2. El Centro, CA: Ramiro & Diann Doria From: Indio, CA
3. Carlsbad, NM: Sammy & Tammy Morales From: Hobbs, NM
4. Douglas, AZ: Curtis & Corina Berry From: Sierra Vista, AZ
5. Phoenix West Central, AZ: Tom & Leanne Phillipe From: Phoenix, AZ/Marsh
6. Minneapolis, MN: Steve & Debbie Ramos Out of: Glendale, AZ/Rens
7. Surprise, AZ: Jaime & Elena Duarte Out of: Glendale, AZ/Rens
Phoenix, AZ: Troy & Kathy McCarty From: Phoenix, AZ
Sierra Vista, AZ: Jerry & Alma Luna From: Douglas, AZ
Albuquerque, NM: Anthony & Cynthia Ortega From: Oklahoma City, OK

On Staff in Prescott – Concert/Outreach Directors: Tim & Yesenia Miller

Hallelujah for Glendale AZ announcements!  Pressing ever onward, storming the gates of hell!


  1. Cool. Pastor Rice likes to tease us with these. "I'll tell ya later" kind of stuff. Heehee, not this time!

  2. Oops, I shouldn't spoil his fun! Have a good one!