Saturday, July 3, 2010

Prayers Answered

Scott's accident prayer answered:  Hallelujah!  Yesterday the father of the driver called us with insurance information!  And, Scott got the motorcycle endorsement put back on his license without having to take the test again!!!!!  (It's a hard test!)  The lady at DMV said the supervisor who approved it was leaving next Friday, and the new person coming in would not have approved it, so, praise God!  The police officer that told Scott he had an outstanding arrest warrant for the City of Phoenix had the wrong Scott Fuller, Praise God!

Mike's chest pains prayer request answered:  He is out of the hospital, no diagnosis of what is wrong with him, but they ruled out that he had a heart attack or stroke. Praise God!

It's the small, day-to-day decisions we make to do right is what keeps our faith "on the rock" hallelujah.  Just like those birds seeking a place to stay until their next flight, so do we. 

We are heading up to Prescott today for the "God and Country" celebration in the courthouse square.  Thousands of people will see how God has used our country to defend the world through a military presence and hear a very clear gospel message and we are praying that many will respond to the invitation to receive Christ.  This is a presentation that is totally anointed by God as people have prayed for His inspiration to seek and save the lost.

Have a great day.

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