Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day - Wear Green! Don't Take Any Bribes!

Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9 (New King James Version)

Justice Must be Administered

Don't take any bribes, it alters your attitude toward any case.  Don't plant anything that you are going to worship.

If you hear of anything wrong being done in camp, it must be searched diligently to be found if true.  There needs to be two or three witnesses, it cannot be just one to incriminate.  If judged to be true then that person(s) will be taken outside the gate and stoned to death, first by the witnesses and then by all.

Principles Governing Kings

It shall be a king that God chooses, they shall not allow people to return to Egypt, he shall not have many wives, otherwise his paths will be deterred.  He shall have a copy of the scriptures, that he can study them and learn to fear the Lord.

The Portion of the Priests and Levites

Avoid Wicked Customs

A New Prophet Like Moses

A new prophet will come, if any prophet speaks which God does not command, it will not come to pass and the prophet will die.

Three Cities of Refuge

These cities of refuge are for unintentional sins.  If the sin is intentional, the people will be sought out and punished.

Property Boundaries

The Law Concerning Witnesses

Principles Governing Warfare

When you see you are outnumbered in warfare, be not afraid, God is with you, hallelujah! 

The Law Concerning Unsolved Murder

We are to live a life "approved unto God", nothing more, nothing less.

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