Monday, March 7, 2011

The Red Heifer, Moses strikes the Rock, fiery serpent

Numbers 19-21:35 (New King James Version)

Laws of Purification
Moses’ Error at Kadesh
The people were complaining that there was no water and God told Moses to take Aaron's rod and speak to the rock.  Moses struck the rock twice.  Water came gushing out, and then God told Moses and Aaron that they would not be able to go into the promised land because they disobeyed Him by striking the rock.

Passage Through Edom Refused
The Israelites were refused passage through Edom.  I wonder if that's why eventually the Edomites were wiped out.

Death of Aaron
God tells Aaron he will die and so his garments are stripped from him and placed on his eldest son, Eleazar.
Canaanites Defeated at Hormah
God delivers the Canaanites into the hands of the Israelites - and they destroyed them.

The Bronze Serpent
Oops, here we go again.  The people are getting discouraged and complaining about being brought out of Egypt.  God sends fiery serpents to bite the people and they start dying.  They cry out to Moses saying they have sinned.  Moses has them make a fiery serpent and put on a pole for all to see so if they get bit and look on the serpent, they will be healed.  That must be where that symbol comes from that the medical industry wears, huh.

From Mount Hor to Moab
Spring up a well, within my soul!
King Sihon Defeated
King Og Defeated

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