Monday, March 7, 2011

Balaam, the Donkey, and the Angel of the Lord

Numbers 22-24:25 (New King James Version)

Balak Sends for Balaam
Balak from the Moabites seeks out God's prophet, Balaam to curse God's people.  God tells Balaam to not curse the Israelites.  Balak keeps uping the ante and finally God tells Balaam to go, but to only speak His word which He tells him.
Balaam, the Donkey, and the Angel
God is verrrrrrrrry displeased that Balaam went with the princes of Balak and stands in the way 3 times.  Balaam's donkey sees the Angel and stops and Balaam hits her each time.  The third time, she falls and he still hits her, wishing he had a sword to kill her.  The Angel of the Lord opens her mouth and she asks why he is beating her.  Then He opens Balaam's eyes and tells him that if it wasn't for his donkey, He would have killed him!  Once again, He tells Balaam to only speak the words He tells him when he is with Balak.  He is not to curse the Israelites.

Balaam’s First Prophecy
Balaam’s Second Prophecy
Balaam’s Third Prophecy
Balaam’s Fourth Prophecy

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