Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Numbers 25-26:65 (New King James Version)

Israel’s Harlotry in Moab
Some of the Israelites were playing the harlot with the people of Moab and a Midianite woman was caught and presented.  Phinehas ran a sword through her and the Israelite she was sleeping with.

God's wrath had started a plague and already 20,000 people had died, but because of Phinehas' actions, his dedication to God, the plague was stopped.  According to wikipedia, the Midianites traveled with the Moabites.  Just to clarify this blog:  I am not trying to add or take anything away from the inspired Word of the Most High Living God.  I am writing stuff to help me remember what happens as well as what is revealed to me during this time of communion with Him.  I love reading His Word, talking to Him, seeking Him, crying out to Him, walking with Him.

God told the army to crush the Midianites.

The Second Census of Israel
After the plague.

The land was divided according to the size of the tribes.

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