Monday, February 21, 2011

Leprous cleansings, and Scapegoat

Leviticus 14:33-16:34 (New King James Version)

  Cleansing a leprous house - this is what comes up on Google images - labeled black mold.  We all know how difficult that is to get rid of!  Read this, maybe it will help.  Probably not the animal sacrifice though, Jesus paid that at the cross.

Bodily discharge cleansing

  Day of atonement.  Two goats offered - lot is drawn - one for a sin offering (through blood) and one for scapegoat (live offering) - to be let go alive to wander in the wilderness (desert). 

Oh, the Blood of Jesus!  Thank you for friends and family of Christ.  The carpet is in - finishing up today and possibly tomorrow, and then we will be back in the sanctuary!  Hallelujah!!!!!!  It is very nice to have clean, new carpeting.  Mark Looney, an evangelist out of the Las Vegas NV church, delivered and installed it, along with another brother from their church, and then he preached yesterday's services.  They were powerful sermons, of course, what we needed to hear.  God created us, loves us, helps us, and, we need to love Him, help Him through His inspiration of what we need to do, do His will for our lives, hallelujah.

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