Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sanctity of Blood, Laws of Sexual Morality

Leviticus 17-19:37 (New King James Version)

The Sanctity of Blood, and Laws of Sexual Morality, these Words speak volumes of those who read for understanding.

I had a four-point landing on the sidewalk last night and didn't even break my coffee cup!  Whoa!  We have all those loose rocks running around to jump under people's feet when they aren't paying attention to what they are doing.  I was on my way into the compound (complex) with a cup of water and all of a sudden my actions were not of my doing.  It was kinda funny.  Anyway, my knees are talking to me a little bit this morning.  They will probably be black and blue for a few days.  My guardian angel kept me from looking like I had been in a dogfight though.  The gate that was alongside to my right could have had my face imprinted on it, however, just my shoulder brushed against it.  Thank God I wasn't wearing shorts! 

Today I am going to visit my friends where I worked before we left for Oregon.  Hopefully there will be some brownies left when I get there.  Rumor has it that there will be some TODAY!  I miss those folks.  I had been working with some of them since 1998, through and including three owners.  They are pretty cool folks.

Yesterday I walked to church and prayed and cleaned out the refrigerator.  Saw a can of Diet Coke with an expiration date of 12/09!  I popped the top and emptied it out - not much fizz in that thing.  Anyway, the shelves had many remnants of bygone fellowships.  I hadn't cleaned it since maybe June so, it will look nice for awhile. 

The new carpet in the sanctuary was almost done when I left.  It looks nice.  It is amazing to watch people installing things to see how it is done.  God sure inspires us with some different talents, can ya say amen!

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