Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cleansing - childbirth / leprosy. Worked yesterday, and it rained!

Leviticus 12-14:32 (New King James Version)

Childbirth ritual - cleansing and purification after male and female births.

Leprosy - Priest and patient roles during examination, diagnosis, healing of body and clothing.

My current position - data entry had work for the weekend.  I worked yesterday.  Sunday is the Lord's Day if at all possible.  Anyway, I coded 847 documents in 8 hrs.  They went fasssssssssst, hallelujah.  I wasn't feeling very well either, and God helped me through the day.  I was going to work longer than 8 hours, but after I code that many documents, my hands start whining and complaining, so I just called Scott to come pick me up.  The company average that they like us to maintain is 480, so I was way above, hallelujah.  I love it when the documents are easy to code.  The typing test I took yesterday was so fun - the company wanted between 35-40 wpm and I was going slow and did 64 wpm with 100% accuracy!  The data entry job sure helped my accuracy go up. 

It was raining yesterday too.  That is a big deal here, because there are 300 days of sunshine, so when there are clouds, everyone gets excited.  The rain gathers in the edges of the road because there are no storm drains and the water has nowhere to go until it drains off somewhere. 

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