Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh ohhh, Moses is delaying from coming down the mountain

Exodus 32-34:35 (New King James Version)

Here we go!  Moses is up the mountain and the people don't know when "that man" is coming back, so they ask Aaron to make an idol.  He doesn't even hesitate!  What's that all about!  He has seen the miracles and plagues - WHAT!

"Go get me all your gold jewelry and all that stuff."  This was Aaron's trade.  Isn't it amazing that Satan always slams us with our familiar past - just one more won't hurt.  Yah, right.

So, after the idol was formed, the people declared its power and worshipped, ate, and "rose up to play."

God told Moses what was going on and He wanted to "smoke them" for rebelling, but Moses interceded and God relented.

The tablet of commandments are broken.

Later on, Moses is told by God to bring a tablet like the one he had broken so He could write on them once again.

Moses communes with God and his face shines so brightly that he has to wear a veil.

Oh, that we would seek to commune with God, in repentance and brokenness.


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