Friday, February 18, 2011

Yesterday, Auto Auction drivers! - Offerings and Laws of Offerings

Well, this little side job was a lot more fun than playing Where's Waldo in the highways and byways of North Phoenix!  We got to drive vehicles of every type and met some other folks, and got to see the other side of auto dealerships.  Pretty fun.  Whole new learning curve.  We have been invited back next Thursday.  I have an interview today for a document scan/prep position, Scott has a second interview for a maintenance supervisor position, and the DOJ position is still asking for more information, and my current job wants to know if I can work ALL weekend (NOT, Saturday only).  God is keeping us in beans and rice and gas (yes, THAT kind of gas!), can ya say AMEN!  I got a couple folks that had me do their taxes. And, all that was just this week!

Leviticus 4-6:30 (New King James Version)

The Sin Offering - unintentional sin, tells what type of animal to sacrifice, depending on who has done the sin, it is always about blood, because blood means life, and when we sin we die, and are redeemed by blood.  This is how it is done until the New Testament, where Jesus became the blood sacrifice for all of us and our sins.  Then it is a free gift, but we must choose to turn away from our sin to follow Jesus.

The Trespass Offering - If you hear an oath and do not tell it, if you touch anything dead, if you speak thoughtlessly to do evil - if you don't mean it, there is a blood offering for this.

Offerings with Restitution - If there has been any damage with these unintentional trespasses, they can be forgiven with offerings to replace what was taken.

Laws of Burnt, Sin, and Grain Offerings

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