Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 Samuel 12:26-31; 1 Chronicles 20:2-3; 2 Samuel 13-14:33 (New King James Version)

Good morning Jesus,
With all my heart, mind, soul, spirit, and strength, I choose to serve You.  May my words be seasoned with salt, and not tabasco.  Thank You, Jesus, for loving me, and saving me.

Rabbah Is Captured
Amnon and Tamar
Amnon lusted after Tamar and violated her virginity, then cast her out.  Absalom brought her to his house and hated Amnon.

Absalom Murders Amnon
Absalom Flees to Geshur
Absalom Returns to Jerusalem
David Forgives Absalom
I don't understand much David's treatment of Absalom. 

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