Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Judges 9:22-11:28 (New King James Version)

Downfall of Abimelech
People rise up against Abimelech and he came out with his army and pursued them until they came against a strong tower where people were seeking refuge from him and a woman threw down a millstone and injured him.  He asked his armorbearer to kill him so it would not be said that a woman killed him.

This was God's way of repaying the wickedness of Abimelech.
He judged Israel for 23 years.
He judged Israel for 22 years.
Israel Oppressed Again
Once again Israel does wickedness in the eyes of the Lord, worshiping the gods of other nations.

God sold them to the Philistines.  They finally cried out to the Lord and repented.

The people asked him to lead an army against the Ammonites.  They wanted their land back.  He told them that it wasn't theirs.  They took issue with that.

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