Thursday, January 6, 2011

Genesis 18-21:7

Good morning, I have the crud today, but God is good, Thank you Jesus!  I had a miracle today, I woke up. 

   This is the terebinth tree where the Lord met Moses. 
This looks like a tree that is common in Oregon, and I put a photo of one that I took too.  Looks similar, huh. hmmmmm.
 now, my photo 

pretty close, huh

oh, well, on to Abraham!  Praise God.

The Lord appeared to Abraham, as he was sitting under the terebinth tree, three men appeared.  He knew it was the Lord. Praise God.  Anyway, he prepares a meal for them.  The Lord says that Sarah will have a son and she laughs within herself because she is 90.  Then she denies laughing because she is afraid of what the Lord would do, and He says, oh, but you did laugh. 

The Lord knows our thoughts and attitudes.....we need to submit our attitudes and thoughts to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord was then turning to leave to go to Sodom and Gomorrah to judge its sin.  Abraham bargained for those cities, that they not be destroyed if there were 50, 40, 30, 20, and finally 10 righteous souls.  The Lord said he would not destroy it, even if there were 10 righteous souls.

Two angels approach Lot who is sitting at the gate.  He invites them into his house.  The men and boys of the city want to "know them carnally" and try to break into Lot's house.  Lot offers them his two virgin daughters to do with as they please!  They want men!  So they press in closer to the house and the angels strike them blind.

The angels tell Lot to get his sons-in-law and his wife and daughters out of town because they are going to destroy it at sun-up.  The sons-in-law think Lot is joking and will not go with him.  The angels pull Lot and wife and daughters out and rain fire and brimstone down on the cities and they tell Lot's family to not look back and to hurry to Zoar (they wanted him to go the mountains but Lot asked for a closer place).  Lot's wife looked back and became a statue.

    Lot's wife - a natural rock formation on the edge of the Dead Sea.  Oh, yeah, that's how I want to be remembered!!! ---- NOT!

Ok, so now Lot and his daughters proceed to the mountains and they find a cave and the daughters get Lot drunk so they can have him father babies because there are no other men around.  I'm thinking God probably had other plans for that, but they took it upon themselves to help God out - something we should never do, help God out, can ya say YES AND AMEN to that!  Hallelujah.  Anyway, the descendants of these births are the Moabites and Ammonites.

Abraham and Abimelech - here we go again with Sarah calling herself Abraham's sister because he doesn't want to get killed.  God tells Abimelech in a dream the truth and Abimelech deals with them and convicts them of their sin and they go on their way.

Sarah conceives and Isaac is born! 

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