Sunday, January 16, 2011

Genesis 36:1-19; 1 Chronicles 1:35-37; Genesis 36:20-30; 1 Chronicles 1:38-42; Genesis 36:31-43; 1 Chronicles 1:43-2:2

Woohoo, went to work Thursday, and Friday!  Sooooo, I didn't get up early enough to read those daily readings.  Well, I'll try to catch up this weekend.  I don't like to miss the Word of God, and need to get up earlier!  I need the Word of God daily before I go out for the day's activities.  Scott starts work on Monday, Hallelujah!  I have to ride the bus on the holiday schedule, oh what fun it is to ride on a one horse open sleigh!  Please pray for Cindy and Payton.

Geneology of Esau - Edomites

The ons of Israel - Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Joseph, Benjamin, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher

Genesis 37-38:30; 1 Chronicles 2:3-6; 1 Chronicles 2:8; Genesis 39:1-23 - Friday's reading

Israel (Jacob) is dwelling in Canaan.  He loves Joseph more than his other sons and makes him a coat of many colors.  His brothers hated him - Dad likes you better! 

Joseph had a dream where his brothers would bow down to him - they hated him more!

Joseph dreamed again and his whole family would bow to him - his father rebuked him, and his brothers envied him (envy / hatred / envy / hatred - kinda gnaws at ya, huh).

Joseph's brothers are herding sheep and Israel sends him to find them to see if all is well.  A man finds Joseph wandering in a field (dreamers wander, can ya say amen).

His brothers see him coming and conspire to kill him.  Rueben talks them out of it - saying to cast him into a pit (he wanted to rescue him and take him back to his father.)  So the brothers ripped his coat off, threw him in a pit, and sat down to have some lunch.  All that hard work made them hungry!

Then they saw some Ishmaelites going by on a caravan going to Egypt with gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Then Midianite traders passed by and they sold Joseph to them, they sold Joseph to Potipher in Egypt for 20 pieces of silver.

Judah and Tamar

Judah goes off on his own and marries a Canaanite and has children.  One of his sons, Er marries Tamar. Er is wicked and God kills him.  Onan, Judah's second son, is given Tamar to continue the line of Er, and he knows the child won't be his heir, so he lets his "seed" go on the ground.  God kills him too. 

God doesn't take wickedness lightly!

So, Tamar is asked to stay in Judah's house until his youngest son gets older.  Judah's wife dies, so he goes to visit a friend.   Tamar dresses up like a harlot, he sees her, goes to bed with her, she gets pregnant, and his servants finally find out who she is.  He realizes he did not give his last son to her and says she is more righteous than him.  She has twins Perez and Zerah.  Zerah stuck his hand out first and the midwife put a string on the wrist, then the hand goes back in and Perez comes out first.  Zerah is still considered the firstborn.

Joseph gets sold into slavery.

Joseph is sold to Potiphar and God has favor on him.  He is promoted to second in Potiphar's house. Potiphar's wife is hot for him.  She keeps trying to get him to sleep with her.  He keeps telling her that he will not defile God by doing that.  One day she gets him in the house with no ther witnesses and once again tries to get him in bed.  He runs out of the house and she gets part of his robe and accuses him of rape when Potiphar gets home.  Potiphar throws him in prison. 

God gives him favor with the jailer too, hallelujah!


  1. Love and miss you too!!!!!!! Scott started working yesterday. The treatment on his back from the accident really helped him. He feels better than he has in years. He is so grateful. God is doing a wonderful work in him. Some guys from the Transitional Living Center where he goes all the time "to get his car washed" (what an evangelistic opportunity) are coming to church. It has gone from 2 and has been increasing - last Sunday there were 11 - we had to send two vehicles to get them!

    Love your facebook comments, hahaha. Are you out of morning sickness yet? There's a lady at church that doesn't have morning sickness but night time reflux and stuff, aghhhhh.

    See ya. Hi to everyone, fer sherrrrrrrrr