Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Genesis 30:25-31:55

Getting better, might go to work tomorrow, hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!  Scott started a 3 week computer class which he really needs.  He got a certificate of completion in mousing yesterday!

 It is wonderful to see someone learning the computer.  I finished reading "The God Chasers" yesterday and started reading it again.  Lord, I long to see Your face, to dwell in Your presence in repentance and brokenness.  I run up the mountain that You are decending to meet me.

Jacob cuts a deal with Laban - two deceivers, and how God "works" with them.  Isn't it awesome that God takes us where we are and "kneads and shapes".  I can't wait to get to heaven to see "what's really going on" up there.

Jacob's agreement with Laban - Rachel asks Jacob to take the family away from Laban.  Laban doesn't want them to go because ever since Jacob has been there, God was with him and blessed Laban's flocks.  Jacob agrees to stay and his wages will be the spotted and speckled goats and sheep and Laban kept the solid colored animals.  Jacob is "inspired" to create spotted and speckled animals and uses the strong ones to further his flock, and the weaker ones are not used but are left solid colors and to be in Laban's flock.  Laban's sons figure this out and let Laban know what Jacob is doing. 


Jacob hears them talking to Laban and sees his countenance it was not favorable as it had been before.   God tells Jacob to return to the land of his fathers and He will deal with Laban.  Yah, that's it, I want God on my side!  Hallelujah.  Laban had changed his wages many times over the last 20 years, and Jacob had continued to be his servant.  How long did he plan to be that way?  We plan to be that way until we "are encouraged" to change our ways by the Most High Living God, that's how long!

Laban pursues Jacob - Rachel had taken some idols from the house, Jacob didn't know it, Laban didn't know who it was, Jacob says whoever stole them can't live because that wasn't right.  Laban doesn't find them.  But, Jacob gets in Laban's face about never taking away from his flock even thought there were diseased and lame and bad weather and animals - all things that occur when in charge of flocks and how he bore the cost of it and did not eat of any of his flock. 

Laban and Jacob make a covenant - Laban doesn't want Jacob to have any other wives but his daughters, Jacob agrees.  Even though there was no man to hear the agreement, God heard the agreement, and they set a "heap and a pillar" in that place.

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