Friday, January 7, 2011

Genesis 21:8-23:20; Genesis 11:32; Genesis 24:1-67

Good morning, sick still, but God is good, still. My Redeemer Lives is going on in my head, over the buzzing from my brain, praise God! We got some news in the mail yesterday that has totally left us pretty much broke for the next 2 months, but, I'm believing in God that He will orchestrate circumstances - He is never early, He is never late, He is ALWAYS on time. I continue to seek His face and presence. We cannot see God and live, however His definitition of death is being repentant and have a broken spirit. Well, I'm there and have been praying this ever since I started reading "The God Chasers" by Tommy Tenney. Moses was the only one in the crowd who sought God's face. And, his face glowed so much after he came back from one of their visits that he had to wear a scarf over his face because it was so bright. Wow, I want that!

It came time for Isaac to be weaned and Ishmael was scoffing the party and Sarah asked Abraham to get rid of them. God told Abraham it would be ok and that he would make Ishmael a great nation, so he gave her a skin of water and bread.

They ran out of water and she laid him under a bush because she didn't want to watch him die. She went a distance and sat down anGod cried. Ishmael cried out to God. God comes to Hagar, opens her eyes, to see a well! He be comes an archer and Hargar gets a wife for him from Egypt.

Abraham makes a covenant with Abimelech - Beersheba well.

Abraham confirms his faith - the sacrifice.

  He takes Isaac up the mountain for the sacrifice.  There is no sacrifice, so Abraham has to decide if he will sacrifice Isaac.

  At the last moment God tells Abraham to stop, that he has confirmed his faith.  There is a ram in the bushes for the sacrifice.

Sarah dies and is buried at Machpelah.

Isaac and Rebekah a true love story about how God orchestrates details of how we are brought together.

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