Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Genesis 42-45:15

Jacob's sons go to Egypt because the famine has affected them.  He recognizes them but they do not recognize him.  He accuses them of coming to spy on Egypt, twice.  They deny it and keep giving information on the size of the family and how they are starving.  He puts them in prison for 3 days.

When the 3 days are up, he brings them out and says one of them must stay in prison while the others are released with grain for their starving families and they must go home and bring the youngest back. 

He keeps Simeon back.  They speak among themselves how God is judging them because of what they did to Joseph.  Joseph understands them because he had been using an interpreter.

So, the grain is placed in bags for them and Joseph tells the men to put their money back in their bags too.  Isn't that awesome! 

So the brothers find the money and are really freaked out because now they think he will come after them for stealing the grain. 

They get home and tell dad that the "governor" wants them to bring Benjamin back before he will sell them anymore grain.  Jacob isn't happy.

It's a powerful story of God's redemption.  God orchestrates circumstances for the good of His People. 

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