Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Genesis 32-35:27

Woohoo, might go to work tomorrow.  I know I said that yesterday.  It's a different job, working for a coding company.  They have to receive the work and then it has to be loaded into the system before they call people into work.  Receiving and loading depends on FedEx or whoever the client shipped it by, and then the IT department has to load the documents and that depends on the cooperation of the CDs wanting to be extracted and the computer system wanting to be loaded and viewed.  We may go later today, probably tomorrow, ,,,,, or not.  Anyway, it's a hallelujah day, I had the miracle of waking up another day.

So, let's see what the Word of God has for me today.  I just pray most of all to seek His face and sit in His lap and His arms be wrapped around me, hallelujah.

Esau meets Jacob

Esau is coming to meet Jacob with 400 men.  Jacob is afraid, even though the Lord told him He would deal well with him when he moved back to his homeland.  He divided his herds, etc into two groups so if Esau attacked one of them, the other would escape and survive.  Then he sends gifts to Esau in herds, having his servants ahead of him.

Jacob wrestles with God.  After he sent his wives and children and what he had over the ford ahead of him, and he wrestled with a Man.  And when the Man saw that He did not prevail, He touched the hollow of Jacob's hip and he limped the rest of his life.  The Man told Jacob to let Him go because day was breaking and  Jacob said he wouldn't unless He blessed him.  So, Jacob called the place Peniel.

   God changes Jacob's name to Israel.

They meet Esau and have a wonderful reunion.  Esau says he will guide them and Jacob says he will be ok and wants to progress slowly because of young animals and children.

They settle outside a town and Dinah is out looking around.  A man from the town finds her, falls in love and violates her and takes her home, and wants to marry her. 

Jacob hears about it and stays silent until his sons came in with the livestock.  Hamor (from the town) wants them to intermarry and be at peace.  Simeon and Levi and the rest of the boys are livid because they don't intermarry.  So, since Dinah has been defiled, they get back at them by telling Hamor's family that unless everyone is circumcised that cannot happen.  So all the men in the town get circumcised, and three days later when they are all in pain, Simeon and Levi go in and kill them all, take their women and children, and all they have, plus their sister.  Jacob is upset at this, and they said, "Should our sister be treated like a harlot?"

Jacob, et al, return to Bethel, Rebekah's nurse dies.

Rebekah dies in childbirth to Benjamin.

Reuben defiles Israel by sleeping with his concubine.

Isaac dies at Mamre after Jacob (Israel) comes to his side.

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