Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Genesis 45:16-47:27

Pharoah invites Jacob to Egypt.  Joseph tells about his father and brothers in Canaan and how they will die if they don't come to Egypt and Pharoah supplies wagons and animals and food that they will need for the trip.

Jacob can't believe it when he is told that Joseph is alive and well.

They come back with all their families and herds and Pharoah meets all.

They are given the land of Goshen because Egyptians hate sheepherders and Pharoah says they can take care of his animals also.

The famine is so great that people run out of money and animals and finally sell their land to Joseph for Pharoah, and they become slaves.  Joseph tells them to plant seed and give 1/5th to Pharoah for the storehouse and the rest is for them to use as food and more seed.

Everyone does this except the priests because they receive what they need. 

Jacob and his family and herds in Goshen are fruitful and multiply.

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