Sunday, January 9, 2011

Genesis 25:27-28:5

Good morning, I can breathe, Hallelujah!  Scott went to the big Glendale Glitter and Glow with several men from TLC and they all had a great time.  He said there was a guy there with a beautiful white wolf, a huge hot air balloon of a polar bear, and tons of people.  They spoke to lots of open people about Jesus.  He said there will be at least 7 coming to church tomorrow from TLC.  His ministry there is truly blossoming!  Pastor Rens had a Men's Discipleship yesterday morning and has encouraging plans for Glendale that God has spoken to him.  Pray for our church, that God uses it mightily as we pray for His Presence with brokenness and repentance, hallelujah. 

Esau sells his birthright for a bowl of stew.
     We must remember that just because we are hungry for "something" that we don't turn our back on God's promises.  They will go to someone else.

Isaac and Abimelech - once again it's the sister thing!  Isaac tells Abimelech that Rebekah is his sister and he sees them acting in "endearment". 

Esau takes two wives which are a "grief of mind" to Isaac and Rebekah.

Isaac is getting ready to die and he asks Esau for some stew so he goes out hunting. Rebekah disguises Jacob as Esau and he gives the stew to Isaac who blesses him. 

Esau comes in and when he finds out his blessing has been stolen, he is very upset.

Rebekah tells Jacob to go to Laban to escape.

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