Monday, January 3, 2011

Genesis 7-10:5; 1 Chronicles 1:5-7; Genesis 10:6-20; 1 Chronicles 1:8-16; Genesis 10:21-30; 1 Chronicles 1:17-23; Genesis 10:31-32

Today's Bible reading is on the flood, and God's covenant to never flood the earth again to destroy it, and He sealed it with the sign of the rainbow, so, every time I see a rainbow, I remember the covenant.

Every day I seek God's Presence, to be in His will, not looking for what He has done, but to be where He is, doing what He wants done.

   The animals going into the ark.  What the inside of the ark looked like.
 Noah's family
 Ark in the storm
 The raven and the dove
 Rainbow - God's covenant that He will never destroy the earth again by flood.

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